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About Me

  Hello. My name is Michelle. I have been a pet parent, animal lover, and care giver, ever since I was a young child. I have 30 years of pet care experience. I am the proud owner (Mother) of a four year Chihuahua named Sophie! My German Shepherd Simba, and Beautiful Persian Cat Dink, have since passed away. I miss them both greatly! I believe that all animals are just as important as human beings, and should be treated that way. Pets are a cherished gift, companion, friend and family member.

  I must emphasize, that I do not run or operate a kennel! I offer personalized pet care to each individual pet. I do not care for numerous pets at one time.   

  I am the sole owner and operator of my business. I have no employees, as I like to do everything myself. I always want to make sure that everything is done right, and done the very best way possible! Doing everything myself assures that. I have family and friends in law enforcement. This includes military K-9 work. I support, and contribute funds to many different animal charities. 

  I am a member of the Pet Sitters Associates, LLC, and I am also insured through Pet Sitters Associates, LLC. I have an extensive client reference list, which includes a Vet reference. I am certified in Pet First Aid and CPR. I have also completed and graduated from a ten week course on Animal Assisted Therapy.  

   I have an extensive pet food nutritional training, and have worked as a pet nutrition specialist along with my on business, for over 10 years.

   I am a Gold member of I have participated in the Cat Fanciers Association Household Pet Competition, and am a winner of several ribbons. This includes a second place ribbon. I have knowledge in cat, and dog care. This includes basic grooming, nutrition, administering medications, and giving injections. I am also certified by the American Red Cross, in Pet First Aid and CPR.

   All clients and potential clients, have my permission to do a personal background check. This is for your reassurance and trust in me. I would absolutely do the same.

Pet Nanny Plus's Story

  Pet Nanny Plus is a personalized pet care business. I offer specialized care to fit you and your pets needs. Pets are part of the family here! Home visits are tailored to fit the client's and their pets needs. Instructions are followed closely, and any extras that are requested, are included in the visit.

  Home pet sitting offers a relaxing and comfortable home setting. Only a small number of pets stay at one time, to insure that complete and full attention is given to the pets that are staying over.Your pet's home routine is followed here. Feeding is kept separate, and all of your pets belongings are used by your pets only. Filtered water is also offered, if requested. All areas are kept clean and sanitary. I offer all natural treats, if your pet is allowed to have them. I have an extensive pet nutrition background, and have worked with pet nutrition for over ten years along with my business. I also offer nutritional counseling, and pet massage.  

  I started this business because I love and cherish animals, and I wanted to offer the best care possible to people. I wanted to offer the kind of care that I give my own pets. Special needs pets are also welcomed, and their needs are given extra special attention. I have a medical background, and that offers our special needs pets the extra care they require.  

   I hope that you will give Pet Nanny Plus the opportunity to care for your pet. Thank you for supporting small business owners! I appreciate it so very much! God bless!

 Client references, including Vet references, are provided to all new clients.

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